Coronavirus - information for our patients

Dated: 29th June 2020

We are now open for essential eye care. Currently we are operating through a locked door and at reduced hours. Our practice is open 9am till 1pm, Monday to Friday, by appointment only.

If you are concerned about your eyes/vision or have broken/lost your spectacles, then please contact the practice to arrange an appointment.

You should bring a mask/face covering with you and when you arrive please wait at the door. We are limiting the number of patients inside the practice at any one time and so when we are ready, we will let you know. We will ask you to sanitise your hands and respect the social distancing markers.

Appointments are available throughout July, August, September and October but clinic times will be limited. Our essential services include:

  • Patients needing an eye examination
  • New spectacle prescriptions required
  • Repairing broken spectacles
  • Contact lens wearers who require more lens supply
  • Red eye services
  • Contact lens discomfort & related problems
  • Foreign object in eye  
  • Sudden change in vision
  • Flashes and floaters (which might suggest detachment)
  • Dry Eye Disease

It will be up to the professional judgement of our optometrists to determine whether or not the circumstances in which our patient presents constitutes essential eyecare. Essential care is to be interpreted as meaning appointments for patients who would not normally be considered to be emergencies, but where, in our optometrist’s professional judgement, a delay in an examination may be detrimental to a patient’s sight or wellbeing.

Please do not enter the practice if you or any member of your household is displaying symptoms of Covid-19.