Eye Examinations

Your eyes are precious and so they deserve the best clinical care. Our experienced optometrists will take their time, carrying out a numbers of tests, to carefully examine your eyes.

Not all eye tests are the same

If you think all opticians are the same then think again. Optometrists and optician practices can vary significantly.  Here are five things you should consider when booking an appointment for an eye examination:

What do we do differently?

Along with personalised eye examinations we also strongly believe in continuity of care. This means seeing the same optometrist time and time again. We invest our time in building a professional relationship with our patients. So we get to know you and you get to know us!

All our clinical tests are carried out by professional qualified practitioners. We do not have untrained and inexperienced staff carrying out clinical tests!

What happens?

Our eye examination take around 30 minutes for routine visits and longer for more complex cases. We start by taking a comprehensive symptoms and history to establish the main reasons for visit and identify areas that may warrant additional investigation. Rest assured, we will use some of the latest and best equipment to assess your vision and health of your eyes. The first part, or the ‘science part’, of the testing involves examining your eye health and ocular structures. The second part is the ‘art part’ of the test, where we establish the most suitable prescription. We call this art because it does vary from practitioner to practitioner, based largely on experience, on what would be the best spectacle prescription for the patient.

Because we take our time, it’s rare that we have to re-check prescriptions or remake your lenses to a different prescription!

Eye Disease

Patients often ‘worry’ about what the optician may find in their eyes! Fortunately, it’s rare that we find serious disease in the eyes. Most our patients have healthy normal eyes and many of them need a spectacle correction. Having said that, we do sometimes find eye disease which we will refer for a consultant’s opinion. We have a good relationship with the Hospitals and consultant-led teams in Leeds. We will arrange your referral.

With a smaller patient listing, we can take our time and provide a high standard of care to our patients!